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Ways to make a difference with the LWVSC

For more information or to volunteer for any of these opportunities, contact the relevant person here.

Attention Voter Services Advocates:

It is time to plan our Voter Services efforts for the upcoming election year. In our 2016 Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) Campaign, we targeted minorities and millennials with a goal toward getting a more representative voter profile for Sussex County.

Thanks to all the volunteers who contributed to its success. We made serious strides toward our goal. Yet we have more work to do. We need your help and ideas to creatively redesign the program and expand its scope, while making it more efficient and effective.

If there was ever a time when change was needed, it is now. Our League has a meaningful role to play in this change +- through the ballot box. So if your passions are running high or you just want to support the effort, please sign up for the Voter Services Committee by contacting Connie Jones at

Let's work together to ensure that a majority of citizens have a voice in electing representatives -- on a County, State, and National level -- who will govern and legislate to improve the lives of Sussex County citizens. Let's ramp up civic engagement and achieve real change.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact Connie Jones

Observer Corps Seeks Additional Volunteers. Attend governmental meetings, take notes and use a simple form to report observations back to the League. An information packet will be provided. For more details, see our Observer Corps page. If you are interested in participating in this program as a regular or occasional observer, please contact Observer Corps Chairs Janet Ambrose or Martha Redmond.

Photographer. We need someone who can take photos at League events, especially public forums, for use with press releases, on this website, etc. Must be able to download and email in digital format. If you could do videos, that would be great, too! Contact Communications Chair Jo Klinge.
Fund-raising Chair. Develop and execute a development program for the LWVSC. Guide the board in fulfilling their role in this area. This is a new position, waiting for a creative volunteer. If you are interested, please contact the League.

Twitter Expert. The board needs someone to advise on the relevance and use of Twitter for our League. Contact Suzanne Hain.

Other Opportunities. We are always looking for help with our various committees including Voter Services (help register voters at non-partisan events or venues), our newsletter, The Voter (assist the editor), and Membership. For more information, contact the League.

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