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League of Women Voters Condemns White Supremacists in Charlottesville

Washington, DC - League of Women Voters president Chris Carson issued the following statement following the horrific acts by white supremacists in Virginia this weekend: "Yesterday the world watched in horror as white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia. There is no place for hatred and violence in our democracy and all leaders must condemn these acts of domestic terrorism. We must send a strong message that while the freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly are some of our most cherished rights and must be protected, those rights do not extend to what we witnessed yesterday. The League of Women Voters stands in solidarity with the victims of violence in Charlottesville and against white supremacism." Contact: Sarah Courtney | 202-263-1332 | | 8/13/2017

LWVSC Annual Report to Sussex County Council

The League's Annual Report to the Sussex County Council was presented by Janet Ambrose, Observer Corps Chair, on Tuesday, July 18, at 10 AM in the Council Chambers in Georgetown.

For the full text of her report, click here

UPDATE on LWVSC's Land Use Committee Findings Regarding new 2018 Comprehensive Plan

In 2015, the Land Use Committee completed the initial five public workshop/forums in each of the five councilmanic districts to educate the public on the drafting of a new Comprehensive Plan for 2018. The results of these forums are published here. The focus of these forums was not only to educate residents on the significance of this plan, but to stress the importance of the public's active involvement in the drafting of this Plan. Click on this link to learn about the current forums that have been scheduled.

Other informative information can be accessed at the following links.

Comprehensive Plan Checklist.

County Comprehensive Plan Adoption Procedures.

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"The Voter" Newsletter

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"They Represent You" Pamphlet Becomes "Constituent Services Guide"

"They Represent You" Directories Have Been Published by Sussex County This Election Cycle as "Constituent Services Guide"

In past years, the pamphlets of governmental information relied on by Sussex residents, entitled "They Represent You" were provided by funding from Sussex County Council, and updated and distributed by the LWVSC team.

This year, however, instead of authorizing funding to the league, the county decided to create and distribute the directories "in-house." They are now available under this different title and can be obtained at the County Administration offices in Georgetown at 2 The Circle. Any questions related to this document can be directed to Sussex County at (302) 855‐7742. The League regrets this lost opportunity to partner with the County administration.


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